Our digital projects bring bold ideas to life through imagination, insightful curation, and technical artistry.

By combining skilled production with our storytelling expertise, we produce engaging digital content that is scalable across multiple platforms.

Digital Storytelling

AGB combines art and technology to design meaningful concepts through digital storytelling. Our work is often inspired by history and culture.

Staying abreast of technological advances is important in ensuring the audience experience remains fresh and fascinating. Through our collaborative approach we create a narrative, re-imagine artefacts and produce visual masterpieces. 

Our creative team unearths hidden stories to craft original concepts and our stunning visuals transcend language barriers and connect audiences through shared cultural experiences.

Our stories can be projected onto landmarks, exhibited on screens or enjoyed at home.

Our experience and services:

  • Exhibitions
  • Reimagining collections
  • Digitising artefacts

Digital Education

Combining our storytelling expertise and inventive use of technology, we have applied our digital creativity to the classroom.

The education sector is facing unprecedented challenges.  To keep digital era students focused and engaged, learning materials need to speak their language.

AGB’s digital team use animation to energise educational content, increasing student engagement and accelerating learning. 

Our Methods:

  • provoke deep thinking and spark curiosity
  • create tools that enhance curriculum
  • adapt to in-person teaching or online learning
  • optimise learning and expedite teaching.

Digital Production

For events, exhibitions, media or home viewing, our digital productions are cutting-edge, intuitive and meaningful.

We bring content to life through digital applications, using highly acclaimed digital animation and 3D projection, our storytellers create atmospheric content which is impactful and rich in meaning.

Using careful selection and exacting placement, our nuanced curation elevates the audience experience – through whatever means of communication you choose.

Our Capabilities:

  • Full function animation studio
  • Live action shoot direction
  • Specialist 3D mapping workflows