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Our story.

AGB Events began with a single idea – creating immersive events that are accessible to all.

Our founder brought this idea to life creating Sydney’s first light festival, Vivid Sydney, and grew it over 10 years to become the largest event in Australia.

Vivid began our journey creating public celebrations, iconic events and innovative experiences that each have AGB’s signature style: multi-sensory, authentic storytelling.

AGB brings bold concepts to life including Noël Sydney; Parrtjima; OzFest Dehli, Expo202 Dubai; iLight Marina Singapore; ELEVATE Sydney; Lights of Christmas in Sydney, Boston and Brisbane; the Australian Garden Show and many more public celebrations.

Our stunning visuals transcend language barriers and connect audiences through shared cultural experiences.


Our story


Building on our success we developed a variety of new public celebrations.

By harnessing cities’ unique characteristics, we established distinctive festivals and signature events in Australia and Asia.

We’ve developed amazing stories that showcase the world’s oldest continuous culture through art and technology, illuminating a local legend on a rocky hilltop, and programming emerging artists to celebrate a new city precinct.
Our story


Bringing our technical artistry indoors, we expanded our service to museums and cultural institutions.

Using the newest technologies to showcase historical artefacts, we have collaborated on exhibitions with the National Library of Australia, the Australian Museum, and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

Our story


Digital technology has always been part of AGB’s DNA.

The advantage of digital is accessibility and portability. 
By translating the thrill of events and the wonder of exhibits, we continue to reinvent the ways content can be explored by users at home.

One example of our digital storytelling on an online platform can be seen here: Beauty Rich and Rare.

Our story


Because of our in depth knowledge of guest experiences we have been in demand to help governments and agencies support their early strategy building for placemaking and precinct branding.

By combining our inventive creativity and our methodical organisational skills, we define strategies and paths for harnessing cultural identity in unique ways.





See our story come to life in our Showreel below.

Time for change

After decades of memorable, global cultural experiences, it was time for our brand to catch up to our reputation. 

We are now AGB Creative.