AGB combines art and technology to showcase history and culture through digital storytelling.

Working with museums, galleries and curators we craft a narrative, re-imagine artefacts and produce visual masterpieces that transform traditional exhibition spaces to a dynamic immersive experience for visitors.

We also produce inspired touring exhibitions. Our creative team unearths hidden stories to craft original concepts and produce stunning digital exhibitions that can be presented and projected in any number of ways.

Our passion is taking ‘old’ stories and presenting them in new ways to inspire and connect audiences through shared cultural experiences.

Curated Exhibitions

We create highly engaging, immersive, curated and educational exhibitions in collaboration with cultural institutions and their curators. AGB works closely with inhouse curators to re-imagine content and exhibits. Our team utilises technologic enhancements to bring light and energy to collections. We ensure the audience experience remains fresh and fascinating by applying experience and technical skills to develop an engaging narrative and stunning visual masterpieces.

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Beauty Rich and Rare

Touring Exhibition
Originally created for the National Library of Australia, is a stunning contemporary interpretation of Sir Joseph Banks’ exploration of Australia’s natural history. From the moment they enter, visitors are enveloped in Beauty, Rich and Rare. In a darkened room, the breathtaking images unfold on a five-panel screen measuring 20 by 2.5 metres*; surrounding the audience in its 180-degrees. The visual storyline is narrated by renowned Australian personality Angela Catterns. Using modern digital techniques to interpret real artefacts from the collection, Beauty Rich & Rare captures the imagination of the audience; the show helps them to experience the same wonder that the HMB Endeavour’s passengers and crew once felt on their historic journey. Visitors of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds will be inspired by the extraordinary accomplishments of these courageous people from the Age of Enlightenment, whose curiosity and daring took them to Australia 250 years ago. *the exhibition can be adapted to fit additional sized screens


  • Biodiversity
  • Cartography
  • Natural History

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Josephine’s Garden

A story of french fascination with Australia’s most treasured natural resources. Josephine’s Garden is an immersive sound and light experience with a curated narrative that uses visual storytelling to share a little known story about Joséphine de Beauharnais and the garden she established at Château de Malmaison containing plants and animals from Australia. This exhibition documents the extraordinary plant and animal life found in Australia and the amazing tales of transporting kangaroos, emu’s and black swans across the globe and into
the garden of Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. It is a story told from a little known perspective and one that has left an indelible mark on both countries.


  • Soft Diplomacy
  • Biodiversity
  • Indigenous Australia
  • Women in the age of French Enlightenment/Reason.