Big concepts brought to life by hand-crafted design, technical flair, and a little magic.

We start with the boldest of ideas – a central creative thread we weave throughout to engage, inspire, and thrill. Then deliver in an exciting and innovative way –  utilising mountains, monuments, building exteriors, digital screens, gallery floors and even an ice rink as the canvas.

Our team has expertise throughout the event lifecycle:

  • Event Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Event Management and Delivery

Event Strategy

We help you get where you want to be, refining your vision, purpose, objectives and measurables. From community events to growing your visitor economy,  one-off events, commemorative celebrations or annual festivals, AGB Events takes a strategic approach to everything we do. We can develop your destination plan, individual event strategy, and conduct strategic reviews of your current events.

Our experience and services:

  • Destination event development
  • Annual or multi-year event strategies
  • Strategic reviews of events

Concept Development

We transform strategy into reality and develop concepts that help build and engage audiences.

Our process begins with extensive research and consultation, we examine the landscape and embrace the unique. We intuitively identify a resonating concept and develop it to align with your project objectives. This results in concepts that are robust, insightful, innovative, and respectful.

Our experience and services:

  • Public celebration
  • Exhibitions
  • Cultural engagement

Creative Direction

At AGB it’s about the vision – we see things – of significance, meaning and importance and we bring them to life. Aligning strongly with the concept development, the creative direction is the narrative we weave throughout to ensure everything has a theme, is aligned and on brand. Developing quality creative that is impactful, rich in meaning, and culturally appropriate.

Our experience and services:

  • Opening & Closing Ceremonies
  • One-off ceremonial events
  • Program Development

Event Management and Delivery

The AGB team delivers production elements and event solutions that are on time, on budget, and on message. Through best practice management, our experienced team maintains high standards, professionalism and passion and delivers on client objectives. Our logistic operations, production plans, risk management and schedules are proven and effective in the successful delivery of all projects.

AGB’s expertise in event management brings creative concepts to life into meaningful and memorable and experiences.